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Feb. 1st, 2033 05:37 pm
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Hello, this is Hermione Granger. Please leave your message after the tone and I'll respond as soon as I'm able.


Dec. 8th, 2029 05:14 pm
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How's my driving? I am forever a self-conscious RPer. Please try to be gentle with your crit.
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Basic Info:

Full name: Hermione Jean Granger
Birthday: September 19th, 1979
Age: 18 (21 in Paradisa)
Book: Harry Potter
Canon: during Deathly Hallows as she and Ron go into the Chamber of Secrets
Loss: memories of her parents
Room: 511; Design
Familiar: half-Kneazle Crookshanks
Pokemon: Dewott
Song: Miss Independent

Current beaded bag inventory:
One copy of Beedle the Bard; one copy of Hogwarts, a History; one Gryffindor-yellow commonplace notebook with fountain pen (given to her by Lemony Snicket); fake Galleons used as communication devices by Dumbledore’s Army; one S. P. E. W. badge; one embroidered pillow with the initials “A. H. P.” sewn on it; books from Seuss canon (given to her by the Once-ler); one book with the triquetra symbol and one snowglobe (given to her by Phoebe Halliwell); quills; bottles of ink; parchment; various spellbooks; one Paradisa-issued journal dated from 2006 to 2011; photographs of Harry and Ron; empty potion vials; bandages; rope; a tent; a change of clothes; water bottles; one magical camera; one disposable camera with an extra roll of film; a Muggle first aid kit; Dumbledore’s Chocolate Frog card; the Quibbler featuring Harry’s interview; cooking supplies; one pewter cauldron; basic potion ingredients; matches; one compass; two flashlights with extra batteries; one copy of The Marauder's Map; one Pokeball

*eidemic memory
*reading ancient runes


Year One: Meets Harry and Ron. Becomes best friends after they save her from a troll. Helps get the Philosopher's Stone
Year Two: Discovers the truth about the Chamber of Secrets. Brews Polyjuice Potion. Becomes petrified
Year Three: Enrolls in way too many classes. Uses time-turner to save Sirius and Buckbeak
Year Four: Starts S.P.E.W. Supports Harry during Triwizard Tournament
Year Five: Helps start Dumbledore's Army. Goes with Harry to Department of Mystery
Year Six: Relationship issues
Year Seven: Erases her parents' memories. Journeys with Harry and Ron to hunt down the Horcruxes.


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