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Valentine’s Day (?) 2007: Masquerade ball
April Fools 2007: Everyone is mute
Halloween 2007: Residents become their costumes
Christmas 2007: Magical kisses (mistletoe)
New Year’s Eve: All liquids turn to alcohol <- repeats every year
April Fools 2008: All sentences in journal are followed by a heart.
Halloween 2008: Some sort of zombie dance
Christmas 2008: Magical kisses (wreaths)
Valentine’s Day 2009: Coloured hearts reveal a person’s true feelings
April Fools 2009: Spontaneous singing *first time. Every year following has repeated this
Mother’s Day 2009: Babies/young children (previous year, babies arrived in February)
Halloween 2009: Decorations become animated and attack
Christmas 2009: Magical kisses (silver bells)
*also, the castle made everyone feel like this was their home
Valentine’s Day 2010: Cupid’s arrows are used against residents
Mother’s Day 2010: Babies/young children
Halloween 2010: El dia de los Muertos, celebrated in November. Those who died in Paradisa found their faces covered in paint, and the cemetery appears
Christmas 2010: Victorian winter, battle between tin soldiers and mice. Magical kisses (two turtle doves)
Valentine’s Day 2011: Candy hearts result in residents following action on the candy
Easter 2011: Eggs filled with candy or confetti
Mother’s Day 2011: Babies/young children
Halloween 2011: Celebrated Diwali, an Indian holiday
Guy Fawkes Day 2011: Given supplies to build your own Guy Fawkes
Christmas 2011: Living in Paris. First group of people returning with memories
Valentine’s Day 2012: Locked in rooms, forced to participate in romantic activities
Mother’s Day 2012: Babies/young children
Halloween 2012: Candy changes residents into children
Christmas 2012: Ice hotel. Magical kisses (nutcrackers)
Valentine’s Day 2013: Chocolates give various romantic results; cake makes you collect animals (?)
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